Winding Roads : A Beginning and an Intro, Nony and Miss Anony Mouse

dad I'm scared

OK she thought, she knew this was about a mouse but to her, rambling on, a flow of words, events, no, not about Lucy. The baby of the family, Nettie, known sweetly as Nony, put everything inside. Pulled inside she could organize, categorize, and orphanize the events that held her a prisoner of her mind.

Drooping like a wilted flower, unweave the strings tomorrow, I care, she said to Miss Anony Mouse, who lives in the corner of the kitchen, in the slender alleyway between the wall and the stove.
The cheese that had remained on the tabletop, for days appeared oranger as it dried out. She broke off a small end piece, took a bite,and pulled the rest from her mouth. Throwing it behind the stove, Good night Anony Mouse.

The street marked the way to the sea.

The street marks the way to the sea.


Neon signs direct the dingy out of the port.The studded lights of things below the horizon will fade as she grows weary and become a zillion ships, dotting the ocean she knows. Stillness fills the air, and salt water scents it.



Pulling her sweater tight around her she gets comfy in the chair and she sings sweetly her favorite O.K. to be song.

I don’t go out much, nowhere to go. I sit outdoors, just me and my radio. Ain’t misbehaving saving myself for you, aha oh ho,where are you my sweetie.
beautiful, getting a bit woosy and a haunting melody comes to mind.

Beautiful, getting woosy,
a haunting melody comes to mind.



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