Report all God given Glorious Moments. Someone famous said to do this and it wasn’t my sister.

Once in a while I  have had a truly marvelous moment. I ‘ve had some awful really awful ones too.

That’s gone and such is life.

Once I went for ice cream with a friend who bought me a  big cone. We sat in the sun and this monster was dripping like a kid with a cold ‘s nose, chocolate running down my hand, the napkin drenched and I had to pee. So I thought I’ll put it in a cup. Getting up the avalanche occurred and plop on the cement. Going inside to get napkins to clean up after a BR trip, I put the ice cream cone in a cup, never retrieving it and went outside, with a running commentary that didn’t stop while cleaning up this mess.

 A few years have passed and I asked this person I know, Can we go for ice cream? Now this person has said to me you should buy yourself an ice cream. I have, often at Mc Donald’s but I wanted a real hot shot cone and someone to eat it with, not the people on the subway while going home. I wanted an affair. This is getting drawn out,

Anyways I saw this store that looked perfect and I had some spare cash and I was ready. I was in heaven, it smelled so good. What! Where were my marvelous choices, there were only 4 containers and I hated them all. really, I told him that and  looked around, cookies with kid’s avatars, soda, cupcakes, nothing, nothing.

But I told him I loved the smell. He offered me a sample cupcake, which was so pretty but I knew how it would taste. I asked if he had many customers ? He said he had enough but not on  Saturday afternoon.  Now .he told me he had to pack all the stuff he didn’t sell for a free dinner for the poor. Wow, that was terrific. Thursdays, but I live in Toronto. I told him about Lucy and said goodbye.

He said wait and gave me a twenty dollar bill. I was so grateful.How nice.

 If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.

If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.


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