It's a Tie

It’s a Tie

Railroad Man, a true story,brought forth a new meaning to forgiveness. Immediately I thought if Palestinians were required to see this film before they came into Israel they could finally turn around their beliefs, about hating the Jews so much . If Israel, and Russians/Ukrainians,China/Tibetans , EVERYONE in the world saw this movie, with a discussion after, we could make a first, initial step in eliminating war and hatred. I was astounded  the profundity and understanding of forgiveness that Firth gave to the world in his portrayal of Eric Lomack. This film feels like a blessing to teach the world about a superior alternative to how man treats his fellow man and especially how nations, people view WAR. I think if you can afford to buy a copy do it and send it to school with your child, to sports that your child goes to, in other words, take it from me see it, explain it, and talk about it.
Did I say PLEASE? Listen to me , you can call me bossy and no I am not his mother, but I could be and I could be yours.
barbara greene mann

This Original Paintting is for sale 850 $ Prints are available on request 75$ The painting is 18 x24″ watercolor and collage.


One thought on “War Ends! All WARS ENDED! ALL WARS END FOREVER!

  1. A great influence was Qaddafi as I had never seen a military leader mow down his own people and was astonished. I jumped to get that brush. I DEVELOPED A Mortar proof umbrella, special disappearing powder that turned people invisible in the desert. When he couldn’t find them he got very pissed off.
    in an another painting a huge ship pulls into New York’s harbor. complete with water ballet swimmers, spelling out the word “imagine” with their legs. a sandwich tree”eat one and two grew back.”
    ONE I ESPECIALLY LIKE is the tactical defense unit, the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, on view at Graceland , for the tomb of the Known Soldier our beloved comrade ,Elvis.A tour of the unit is offered for free and designed to house the elderly, children, woman,others during attack. Placed in the city, the militants, attackers, tyrants never caught on,only wild dogs knew. An Alternative model is available, The Cheeseburger Deluxe Special with or without fries.
    If any of my connections knows of a favorable agency please free free to make a referral.
    Thank you Grigory, A highly lucrative post


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