Please,Please,Please, Is it my Turn to be a Journalist?

Why did I pick on this poor woman to ask her for nothing?


For some reason, always judge a person by their face, I thought I’d say hi. I started following Lucy when Bob came and at first I was glib and superficial, till I really explored the world of elephants. I blog about
Maybe I am missing something. I admit I have had lung cancer twice, and only have 30% left and a woman who was watching my dog put her down without telling me. In addition my son hearing I had cancer hasn’t spoken to me since 2009.
Wow this sounds terrible but I’d like to be a humorist, any openings.

I was thinking, sad and tired , just go and step on some cockroaches. i used to feel bad, shortening their lives. But no, set them free so they can be reborn. Does it get lower? Maybe I have this whole thing wrong.

I can always think about it tomorrow. Right?
There’s always a tomorrow, right?


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