Disgusted and Appalled

I too am writing a post that had to be cut in two because there was too much grief to bear. Our world has been poisoned as man has strayed away from the beliefs that make us human such as a joyful life shared with our families and learning about the beauty of our planet, not the hatred and power among men waging war. May the spiritual thoughts and harmony of others carry you , please do not add to the hatred of the world but believe good will come. I mourn for you my brother..

wandering story teller

All that I can type is that I’m disgusted and appalled.

If this isn’t the ultimate act of cowardness then I don’t know what is!

Since 11 in the morning at a school at Peshawar in Pakistan, an army school has been the latest target of terrorist activity, with the siege going on for 7 hours and 6 terrorists killing more than 130 children and seriously injuring more than 122 children.

What kind of mentality do such people breed who think it is okay to take revenge on innocent kids who had gone to school to write their exams? Is it a sin to study? Just try to think of the repercussions that will follow because of this horrifying incident. Schools that are called the temples of learning will now bear traces of bullets running through its walls, of blood stained corridors, of the shock and fear in the minds…

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