A New Question – What happened to my Miracle?

What It’s still there.
Cuz on a day when I could bear no more, dead babies. dead baby elephants, WWI famine, dead trees with forests gone, my heart was bleeding with no stopping. Well I stopped blogging and had a rest, for the best. Onward!

The Edge- Quantum? Planet XAB3

Yesterday my post disappeared when I was so graciously acknowledging, thanking and loving my followers, that really pissed me off as I writing a special thank you to old and new. Their inspiring comments were helping ease the pain I was experiencing partially from the sight of 1200 year old trees falling unto huge stumps that had been stamped, and tampered with. Singular growth on the tops of the trees, existing nowhere else was gone too.

Wait I saw some wooden broken chairs on the side of the road likely, bug laden. What’s another 1200 years, I thought. At the coffee shop, Second Up, in Tim my dating ali ases, or pub-li- city? there was a plastic imitation wood table that was realistically useful and brought fond memories of the few surviving trees still standing into view. But the ones with the unsightly saw marks made me sick. Thankfully there…

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