A Dream Reader: the Man who comes back to life as Organ Harvesters Watch on. Happy ER!


Hey, that's not a still life drawing !

Hey, that’s not a still life drawing !


It can happen and what a happy documentary! A motorcycle driver flips his bike over and over and he is rushed to surgery. Brain dead

is the prognosis. Unfortunately he’s placed on life support. The Doctors check their watches and have a debate over the correct amount

of time to wait before the anxious harvesters can snap up the goodies. His Dad is a bit late providing his son with the extra time to come

to his senses, proving that being late is not always a bad thing.
His Mom thought she felt something, right The patient looks down at his body, and says he was yelling but no one heard. When Dad arrived

the man jumped up and asked, Did I miss something? Well, almost.


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