Back in your Own Backyard and “Yes I chopped down the Cherry Tree”

A post titled “3 songs that influenced me,” with only one song seemed a travesty. No one called me on it. My 23 fans were obviously fanning else where, and obviously I had No Regrets, which is a tune I almost forgot.

Back in your Own Backyard is based on a fable that overlooked gifts close at hand may be better than a far away dream. It’s a beautiful sentiment that displays man’s so called nature of always wanting more. Forgetting the things he sought were right there under his nose; however Al Jolson sang it to the troops during WWII and it wasn’t the most uplifting, rather mournful tune.

George Washington is quoted as saying Yes Dad I did it, but that was an lie written
by a biographer to add character to George’s childhood. The things you can learn , another shared tidbit is George did not have wooden teeth but many alternatives,including one set from Kleenex to keep his cheek puffed out for a portrait.

Now for a last attempt to add strength to my choice, is a lovely tale, mine, about a seed that I found at my grandmother’s house. The seeds swirled through the air like boomer rang. Where should I plant it Mother? She thoughtlessly replied to her child that it would never grow. Plant it under the window. Surprisedingly it grew and the roof caved in.
Unreal but after hearing Al Jolson sing this song and his peculiar choice to soldiers abroad, I could almost hate it but the sentiment alone makes it swell in my soul.
I agree, Billie Holiday does it better.

Back in your Own Backyard

Back in your Own Backyard


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