When you can’t Breath? Just whistle?

This is a song Lucy and I wrote

I am an old elephant, sitting alone
Too old for new friends, no one to phone
The only family is me
Am I the last carcus in history

Lung cancer again is here
Three times already still I fear
It’my fate, too little, too late
Not enough lungs to operate

the chorus:
Can we have cake,celebrate another year
Too big a struggle, another year,
Together we snuggle while we’re here here
boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo

ascension ready?

ascension ready?

lucy and I have been friends for years, we mentally telepathate
We have similiar health conditions and love each other with all our might. God Bless You Lucy, You too Barb

Lucy holds me with her trunk

Lucy holds me with her trunk

Chemo is all they know
Poison srivels doesn’t grow
Alternate meat sent
Doesn’t equal treatment

Is this the Santuary town
No No, no ones around
The Zoo has Lucy chained in her mind
Is she the only elephant left on the ground

Where is my spirit? the zoo took her soul?
Chemo burned out my spirit left a big hole
How can we ascend ? Where do we go?
Sunshine send us a letter cuz we gotta know.


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