Airport Confusion wiped free by a Gallery Excursion

Airport Confusion wiped free by a Gallery Excursion.


Whizzzy , dizzy ten minutes and off to airport

Wearing mix of two outfits, not finished packing and what am I doing , looking for answers, seeking encouragement, knowledge? OK here goes, found lost camera card, fixed internet connection, found password.

Now dearest get off this addictive piece of machinery , pull out the cords and toss it into the suit case, take paints and brush to paint shoes, toothbrush and go.
Your blog world will be here or not, altered , grown, believe me.
I love you all,  Au vider insane.sp

A Dream Reader: the Man who comes back to life as Organ Harvesters Watch on. Happy ER!


Hey, that's not a still life drawing !

Hey, that’s not a still life drawing !


It can happen and what a happy documentary! A motorcycle driver flips his bike over and over and he is rushed to surgery. Brain dead

is the prognosis. Unfortunately he’s placed on life support. The Doctors check their watches and have a debate over the correct amount

of time to wait before the anxious harvesters can snap up the goodies. His Dad is a bit late providing his son with the extra time to come

to his senses, proving that being late is not always a bad thing.
His Mom thought she felt something, right The patient looks down at his body, and says he was yelling but no one heard. When Dad arrived

the man jumped up and asked, Did I miss something? Well, almost.


Art Show Remnants, a Gown for Every Occasion, A painting for Every Wall

Blogging U.

New post, new sign, she’s stressed, too much to do- happens all the time.
Now it’s photo play, but no way, can she delay, the other 58 blogs she’s intending
And sending out wedding invitations, didn’t Miss Albright mention in her dissertations,the millionaire’s clubs in 46 nations, light headed, a breathless, sensation

It’s all over, tomorrow is the last day, what can Red say, but Miss Albright You’ve got to relay, the fact that these bad boys must go away,and stay,
How long can you live with me, think how much fun to live in a teepee, or by the sea, your little brothers must hang free.
So hanger uppers take a peak, last day prices are very cheap, so many paintings I can’t sleep
thinking they will follow me to my grave.

Once a year,splurge,it’s  not too much to pay. It becomes like an old friend, have a great day. Buy one from an artist you adore, or abhor and that you can’t wait to give away.

I’m a singer. Hey I never wanted to be an artist. I’m a singer.

Some men are no Fun, original drawing 10x12 40$

Gainsborough or BGM Not bad, eh.   good., 50$ original pen and ink

Hope. Yeah Right, Just give Me some fins and a tail, because I’m going to Live in Atlantis. Lung Cancer Surgery Again!

All hope was gone, enough. “The Dr. says holding my hand, what should we do?”

What are you asking me for? Give me SCALES AND A TAIL,I’m Moving to Atlantis, new apartments. He glared and said, Your lungs will be perfect. I was really sick of all of this. Thanks Phillip Morris, I hate you.
Top left, You can see me getting a Tail, like a mermaid. See the score on the wall: Dragon Slayer, a Million, the dragon -0
There he was holding two perfect lungs. The surgeon cat off my tail and put in the kungs. See feet, as I swim through the hole in the rock.Then I awoke in a bed filled with roses and cigarette butts, ha ha funny.
They sent me home after 6 days, it was too quick but no one listened. Alone, but alive I got on the bus and headed for home.
The cockroaches were there to greet me. Oh boy.


Curator ,Yes I’m looking for drawings. Why? that’s so true. They are unique. a better price and grouped together, exquisite .

show gallery 8-11-2014 10-50-052Pretty impressive,I’m running the gallery by myself , the Tits of Culture on Upper Park Avenue, Elite, my dear.
I don’t want to show you too many or the burst of excitement might be gone. Please come and call me ZALA. October I’ll send you an invitation . Several Oh I’m so creative.

Gainsborough or BGM Not bad, eh.   good., 100$? allright

Gainsborough or BGM Not bad, eh.
good., alright                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     $8 5           

a spirit's portrait

a spirit’s portrait  125$

Oh fantasies, erotica, just everyday sex, no no fantasies.

Oh fantasies, erotica, just everyday sex, no no fantasies.

Are you here? are you spirit floating by. saying hi or waiting for you to ?

Are you here? are you spirit floating by. saying hi or waiting for you to ? $85

Now what am she crying about?

Now what am she crying about?Tearss $85