A recipe for Cancer? I survived 2 cancer surgeries, did you?

I don't have cancer anymore do you?

I don’t have cancer anymore do you?

A recipe for cancer: 120000 cups of nicotine, 2/3 cup lead paint, 2 baggies of fumes per day and a few packs of smokes/per your own taste.
Shake and drink with soda and rum.

or bake 350 degrees/ per hour.

Could it be your surgeon had mediocre tools? Oops better think about it for next time.


Art Show Remnants, a Gown for Every Occasion, A painting for Every Wall

Blogging U.

New post, new sign, she’s stressed, too much to do- happens all the time.
Now it’s photo play, but no way, can she delay, the other 58 blogs she’s intending
And sending out wedding invitations, didn’t Miss Albright mention in her dissertations,the millionaire’s clubs in 46 nations, light headed, a breathless, sensation

It’s all over, tomorrow is the last day, what can Red say, but Miss Albright You’ve got to relay, the fact that these bad boys must go away,and stay,
How long can you live with me, think how much fun to live in a teepee, or by the sea, your little brothers must hang free.
So hanger uppers take a peak, last day prices are very cheap, so many paintings I can’t sleep
thinking they will follow me to my grave.

Once a year,splurge,it’s  not too much to pay. It becomes like an old friend, have a great day. Buy one from an artist you adore, or abhor and that you can’t wait to give away.

I’m a singer. Hey I never wanted to be an artist. I’m a singer.

Some men are no Fun, original drawing 10x12 40$

Gainsborough or BGM Not bad, eh.   good., 50$ original pen and ink

The New Curator in a daze

Organize and Prioritize

did I even introduce myself? later,
I dazzle without thought, my smile could be a bit smirky but it dazzles with a spark, bespectacled … Who would ever conceive of the likes of me.
Thankfully the painter could carry the show,forty five years of starvation. Her hands leatherized and her lips weatherized, taunt between etched furrows from Mama Marlboro, oh yes, a smoker.

1. Show invitations -where are they, file goggle vs. explorer, like 2 whores bartering, bargaining on the street, shrieking on the street, streaking on the street
who can help me here? no, a good word, leave it.

a. an editor, where is this person?

b. a friend, who,

please come Show Up or Show Down

please come
Show Up or Show Down

where is she? Margaret.

c. the psychiatrist, I forgot I hate him, a bit strong, no, no, my mother would disapprove, shit she always comes up in my thoughts.

d. that psychologist, what a joke; he failed the listening test.


It's a Tie

It’s a Tie

Railroad Man, a true story,brought forth a new meaning to forgiveness. Immediately I thought if Palestinians were required to see this film before they came into Israel they could finally turn around their beliefs, about hating the Jews so much . If Israel, and Russians/Ukrainians,China/Tibetans , EVERYONE in the world saw this movie, with a discussion after, we could make a first, initial step in eliminating war and hatred. I was astounded  the profundity and understanding of forgiveness that Firth gave to the world in his portrayal of Eric Lomack. This film feels like a blessing to teach the world about a superior alternative to how man treats his fellow man and especially how nations, people view WAR. I think if you can afford to buy a copy do it and send it to school with your child, to sports that your child goes to, in other words, take it from me see it, explain it, and talk about it.
Did I say PLEASE? Listen to me , you can call me bossy and no I am not his mother, but I could be and I could be yours.
barbara greene mann

This Original Paintting is for sale 850 $ Prints are available on request 75$ The painting is 18 x24″ watercolor and collage.

It’s a Human Debate said Wiser, Anyone can be a Scientist, even with a +G rating

Wiser asks: what happens when you put a cat in the micro wave? in the washing machine? or dryer?
I don’t have any of the above so I can’t experiment. How do we know that a theory is true?

You Are So. You Are A hologram,

You Are So. You Are A hologram,-scientific-blogger-turns-around-a-stray-functioning-human-being.


Since I became a blogger my IQ amassed the highest score

I comment on everything , I go for the core
This student is brilliant, all seven glossary terms were in her reply today
It must have rubbed off, because you all get an A

The scientific method of observation
Will problem solve itself with enough masturbation
My hypothesis is that the rate of speed
Can accelerate the ejaculation and need to seed

Dog poop is a solid ,can you use a cat hiss
To speed up the process and change it into piss
A bunsen burner heats it up, now it is a gas
Then channel it to go back up the canine’s ass?

Excrement may led to an experiment that’s weary: what happens when you put a cat in the micro wave? in the washing machine? or dryer?
I don’t have any of the above so I can’t experiment. How do we know
But Einstein and I can channel an outer space theory.




I appreciate getting comments, but since OSB is G-rated, I could not approve your comment.

Thank you for replying back to me and for the offer, but I’m not looking for contributors at this time.


Heather with a Poll,


 My reply:  I could sacrifice my acting career, especially after that last play.
 A Scientific Blogger turns around a Stray Functioning Human Being.  This does sound like something I would say.


Report all God given Glorious Moments. Someone famous said to do this and it wasn’t my sister.

Once in a while I  have had a truly marvelous moment. I ‘ve had some awful really awful ones too.

That’s gone and such is life.

Once I went for ice cream with a friend who bought me a  big cone. We sat in the sun and this monster was dripping like a kid with a cold ‘s nose, chocolate running down my hand, the napkin drenched and I had to pee. So I thought I’ll put it in a cup. Getting up the avalanche occurred and plop on the cement. Going inside to get napkins to clean up after a BR trip, I put the ice cream cone in a cup, never retrieving it and went outside, with a running commentary that didn’t stop while cleaning up this mess.

 A few years have passed and I asked this person I know, Can we go for ice cream? Now this person has said to me you should buy yourself an ice cream. I have, often at Mc Donald’s but I wanted a real hot shot cone and someone to eat it with, not the people on the subway while going home. I wanted an affair. This is getting drawn out,

Anyways I saw this store that looked perfect and I had some spare cash and I was ready. I was in heaven, it smelled so good. What! Where were my marvelous choices, there were only 4 containers and I hated them all. really, I told him that and  looked around, cookies with kid’s avatars, soda, cupcakes, nothing, nothing.

But I told him I loved the smell. He offered me a sample cupcake, which was so pretty but I knew how it would taste. I asked if he had many customers ? He said he had enough but not on  Saturday afternoon.  Now .he told me he had to pack all the stuff he didn’t sell for a free dinner for the poor. Wow, that was terrific. Thursdays, but I live in Toronto. I told him about Lucy and said goodbye.

He said wait and gave me a twenty dollar bill. I was so grateful.How nice.

 If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.

If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.