The Jewish Vienna Biennial, Too Much Pain in the World

barbara mann

I’m Jewish . I’m an artist. I’m a person who feels for the world. Continue reading


On Stage with Philosophy, Make Up and your free tip for today.

Dino Lady2



Gosh Darn, Every time I go to do something, someone calls my name Jenny. My Mother said she named me after a circus elephant. How long should I hate her for that. My Mom and Sister said I’m going to be a big star. And I will. I always had to put on that pretty little face, that means I will. And I still do. Ah I don’t understand why everything  is so hard for me.

I have work to do, Paintings to paint and I didn’t wash the dishes. I’m up , on stage, 5-4-3-2-1- YOU’RE  ON

Hi Everyone,

Do you want to be real, a real success like me. Well don’t wait 46 years, do it NOW.

I was just fired up by a fellow blogger and now it’s my turn to fire you up.  And my first guest., Mr. Philosophy. Do you mind if I just call you,  Philosophy.

I went to a college philosophy course so I could knowledgeably discuss art and philosophy on a web site that just closed. But who cares?

I signed up last year and forgot.,” Your mind can always help you out.”

and that’s your free tip for today.