Excerpt from a Letter, Status up-Date or “What’s Up Doc?” a quote by Bugs Bunny

Who am I today? All of the Above?

Who am I today? All of the Above?

Nony posted this letter, an overdue response, on May2,2015

Good I really didn’t want you to think I had forgotten. My health, clutter, overload invaded my space and brain, I’m in a show in Germany in 12 days,ground spot #1 to broaden connections. I’m in a show at 401 Richmond at the cafe but it’s still in a world of “tangled arts”, ( looks great all my big paintings are there, this is where I want my work to go, pertaining to size, etc and intent.  If you are downtown stop by there.

I am truly amazed at your ingenious world, creating and sharing. Now I haven’t picked the piece to send you as I’m sure your tastes are electic and Joel has picked me dry as he feels he is documenting me and the above circumstances, che mo has me shaking in my boots, ( a new song and dance).

Thank you for supporting my aspirations, inspirations and exhalations.


Hope. Yeah Right, Just give Me some fins and a tail, because I’m going to Live in Atlantis. Lung Cancer Surgery Again!

All hope was gone, enough. “The Dr. says holding my hand, what should we do?”

What are you asking me for? Give me SCALES AND A TAIL,I’m Moving to Atlantis, new apartments. He glared and said, Your lungs will be perfect. I was really sick of all of this. Thanks Phillip Morris, I hate you.
Top left, You can see me getting a Tail, like a mermaid. See the score on the wall: Dragon Slayer, a Million, the dragon -0
There he was holding two perfect lungs. The surgeon cat off my tail and put in the kungs. See feet, as I swim through the hole in the rock.Then I awoke in a bed filled with roses and cigarette butts, ha ha funny.
They sent me home after 6 days, it was too quick but no one listened. Alone, but alive I got on the bus and headed for home.
The cockroaches were there to greet me. Oh boy.


Dear Readers :She apologizes for what she made me Do, my Big Sister, A ha

capturegr-recapturegr-reCapturegr re

In the late 70’s my family went to the poor house and they didn’t take me. I hadn’t a clue, and my Mother told me my car was too dented to go as she didn’t want the neighbors thinking any the worse. It must have been the worse because when I came home from school they were gone. Not a word of farewell, no wonder I had an inferiority complex. I was even too inferior to go to the poor house.

Hey wait this is the potato famine story.

This reminds me of a favorite song “and when the taters need spraying, I bet you’re praying the bugs jump off the vine and when you go fishing I bet your praying the fish don’t bite your line.”

If they came back they would gloat and gloat because they were right. just laying in the sun. Just laying in the shade. How was I gonna get my cornmeal make. This is an oxymoron because it comes in a box.
I learned to swim backwards. I could make a quick spin and I was first in line.

Never make a cent, didn’t hear a word I’d say. That’s WHAT Jeannie AND mom WOULD SAY. I might be a lot younger but I know a cent ain’t even worth a dime, because Mac Donald’s never charges the penny. And I learned playing deaf is a lot of fun. Just remember keep that glazed dazed look on your face and you got it made.