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They live in my comouter.

They live in my computer.



1-P1010109 I’m sure this is from an opera at Music Hall . Can anyone recognize the characters and they are characters./caption]

They dance in my computer 125$Can you name this opera?   10 $off

On Stage with Philosophy, Make Up and your free tip for today.

Dino Lady2



Gosh Darn, Every time I go to do something, someone calls my name Jenny. My Mother said she named me after a circus elephant. How long should I hate her for that. My Mom and Sister said I’m going to be a big star. And I will. I always had to put on that pretty little face, that means I will. And I still do. Ah I don’t understand why everything  is so hard for me.

I have work to do, Paintings to paint and I didn’t wash the dishes. I’m up , on stage, 5-4-3-2-1- YOU’RE  ON

Hi Everyone,

Do you want to be real, a real success like me. Well don’t wait 46 years, do it NOW.

I was just fired up by a fellow blogger and now it’s my turn to fire you up.  And my first guest., Mr. Philosophy. Do you mind if I just call you,  Philosophy.

I went to a college philosophy course so I could knowledgeably discuss art and philosophy on a web site that just closed. But who cares?

I signed up last year and forgot.,” Your mind can always help you out.”

and that’s your free tip for today.

Report all God given Glorious Moments. Someone famous said to do this and it wasn’t my sister.

Once in a while I  have had a truly marvelous moment. I ‘ve had some awful really awful ones too.

That’s gone and such is life.

Once I went for ice cream with a friend who bought me a  big cone. We sat in the sun and this monster was dripping like a kid with a cold ‘s nose, chocolate running down my hand, the napkin drenched and I had to pee. So I thought I’ll put it in a cup. Getting up the avalanche occurred and plop on the cement. Going inside to get napkins to clean up after a BR trip, I put the ice cream cone in a cup, never retrieving it and went outside, with a running commentary that didn’t stop while cleaning up this mess.

 A few years have passed and I asked this person I know, Can we go for ice cream? Now this person has said to me you should buy yourself an ice cream. I have, often at Mc Donald’s but I wanted a real hot shot cone and someone to eat it with, not the people on the subway while going home. I wanted an affair. This is getting drawn out,

Anyways I saw this store that looked perfect and I had some spare cash and I was ready. I was in heaven, it smelled so good. What! Where were my marvelous choices, there were only 4 containers and I hated them all. really, I told him that and  looked around, cookies with kid’s avatars, soda, cupcakes, nothing, nothing.

But I told him I loved the smell. He offered me a sample cupcake, which was so pretty but I knew how it would taste. I asked if he had many customers ? He said he had enough but not on  Saturday afternoon.  Now .he told me he had to pack all the stuff he didn’t sell for a free dinner for the poor. Wow, that was terrific. Thursdays, but I live in Toronto. I told him about Lucy and said goodbye.

He said wait and gave me a twenty dollar bill. I was so grateful.How nice.

 If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.

If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.