Excerpt from a Letter, Status up-Date or “What’s Up Doc?” a quote by Bugs Bunny

Who am I today? All of the Above?

Who am I today? All of the Above?

Nony posted this letter, an overdue response, on May2,2015

Good I really didn’t want you to think I had forgotten. My health, clutter, overload invaded my space and brain, I’m in a show in Germany in 12 days,ground spot #1 to broaden connections. I’m in a show at 401 Richmond at the cafe but it’s still in a world of “tangled arts”, ( looks great all my big paintings are there, this is where I want my work to go, pertaining to size, etc and intent.  If you are downtown stop by there.

I am truly amazed at your ingenious world, creating and sharing. Now I haven’t picked the piece to send you as I’m sure your tastes are electic and Joel has picked me dry as he feels he is documenting me and the above circumstances, che mo has me shaking in my boots, ( a new song and dance).

Thank you for supporting my aspirations, inspirations and exhalations.



It's a Tie

It’s a Tie

Railroad Man, a true story,brought forth a new meaning to forgiveness. Immediately I thought if Palestinians were required to see this film before they came into Israel they could finally turn around their beliefs, about hating the Jews so much . If Israel, and Russians/Ukrainians,China/Tibetans , EVERYONE in the world saw this movie, with a discussion after, we could make a first, initial step in eliminating war and hatred. I was astounded  the profundity and understanding of forgiveness that Firth gave to the world in his portrayal of Eric Lomack. This film feels like a blessing to teach the world about a superior alternative to how man treats his fellow man and especially how nations, people view WAR. I think if you can afford to buy a copy do it and send it to school with your child, to sports that your child goes to, in other words, take it from me see it, explain it, and talk about it.
Did I say PLEASE? Listen to me , you can call me bossy and no I am not his mother, but I could be and I could be yours.
barbara greene mann

This Original Paintting is for sale 850 $ Prints are available on request 75$ The painting is 18 x24″ watercolor and collage.

It’s a Human Debate said Wiser, Anyone can be a Scientist, even with a +G rating

Wiser asks: what happens when you put a cat in the micro wave? in the washing machine? or dryer?
I don’t have any of the above so I can’t experiment. How do we know that a theory is true?

You Are So. You Are A hologram,

You Are So. You Are A hologram,-scientific-blogger-turns-around-a-stray-functioning-human-being.


Since I became a blogger my IQ amassed the highest score

I comment on everything , I go for the core
This student is brilliant, all seven glossary terms were in her reply today
It must have rubbed off, because you all get an A

The scientific method of observation
Will problem solve itself with enough masturbation
My hypothesis is that the rate of speed
Can accelerate the ejaculation and need to seed

Dog poop is a solid ,can you use a cat hiss
To speed up the process and change it into piss
A bunsen burner heats it up, now it is a gas
Then channel it to go back up the canine’s ass?

Excrement may led to an experiment that’s weary: what happens when you put a cat in the micro wave? in the washing machine? or dryer?
I don’t have any of the above so I can’t experiment. How do we know
But Einstein and I can channel an outer space theory.




I appreciate getting comments, but since OSB is G-rated, I could not approve your comment.

Thank you for replying back to me and for the offer, but I’m not looking for contributors at this time.


Heather with a Poll,


 My reply:  I could sacrifice my acting career, especially after that last play.
 A Scientific Blogger turns around a Stray Functioning Human Being.  This does sound like something I would say.


To Act vs. ? said the Actrice, Did I Agree to This ? I Quit!

I can’t believe it, she said to herself. Her Mother and sister were right. She should have joined summer theater and left it at that.

              But no, the impossible was always possible in her world and stubborn as she could be, she knew she would not admit defeat until death.

Well at least I’m acting. So silently she justified her first role as a desperate …

  Scene 1 Actors on Stage . enter stage left,  down stage .

The Master’s Voice:                    Rochester, throw her out immediately.

Rochester:                                 Yes suh, It’s done.

Under her breathe, in between screams, she says, This  is a part , my part, Argh.

What a role. Kicked out by the butler, tears as she realizes her plight.

What a role. Kicked out by the butler, tears as she realizes her plight.