It's a Tie

It’s a Tie

Railroad Man, a true story,brought forth a new meaning to forgiveness. Immediately I thought if Palestinians were required to see this film before they came into Israel they could finally turn around their beliefs, about hating the Jews so much . If Israel, and Russians/Ukrainians,China/Tibetans , EVERYONE in the world saw this movie, with a discussion after, we could make a first, initial step in eliminating war and hatred. I was astounded  the profundity and understanding of forgiveness that Firth gave to the world in his portrayal of Eric Lomack. This film feels like a blessing to teach the world about a superior alternative to how man treats his fellow man and especially how nations, people view WAR. I think if you can afford to buy a copy do it and send it to school with your child, to sports that your child goes to, in other words, take it from me see it, explain it, and talk about it.
Did I say PLEASE? Listen to me , you can call me bossy and no I am not his mother, but I could be and I could be yours.
barbara greene mann

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On Stage with Philosophy, Make Up and your free tip for today.

Dino Lady2



Gosh Darn, Every time I go to do something, someone calls my name Jenny. My Mother said she named me after a circus elephant. How long should I hate her for that. My Mom and Sister said I’m going to be a big star. And I will. I always had to put on that pretty little face, that means I will. And I still do. Ah I don’t understand why everything  is so hard for me.

I have work to do, Paintings to paint and I didn’t wash the dishes. I’m up , on stage, 5-4-3-2-1- YOU’RE  ON

Hi Everyone,

Do you want to be real, a real success like me. Well don’t wait 46 years, do it NOW.

I was just fired up by a fellow blogger and now it’s my turn to fire you up.  And my first guest., Mr. Philosophy. Do you mind if I just call you,  Philosophy.

I went to a college philosophy course so I could knowledgeably discuss art and philosophy on a web site that just closed. But who cares?

I signed up last year and forgot.,” Your mind can always help you out.”

and that’s your free tip for today.