Airport Confusion wiped free by a Gallery Excursion

Airport Confusion wiped free by a Gallery Excursion.


Topple Tobacco, I hate you Phillip Morris. My BoyFriend, 12 to 50, We met at Camp.

I started smoking at summer camp when I was 12. It was so cool. I looked older and mature. It was hard to stop. You never said they were harmful, just cool.
My Dad used to smoke 1/2 of the cigarette so he wouldn’t get cancer. I smoked the other 1/2 and I got cancer.

Oh dear, I was happily smoking when I heard Mom’s car pull into the driveway. Mom’s home and I needed to toss that butt,fast. I threw it in Dad’s ashtray, which held his half smoked butt collection. Smoldering away, and several hours later, the second floor was filled with smoke.
A call to the fire department led to the question, how did this happen? A infamous shrug and a silent reply.

he first surgery, my Dr. didn’t find it, My feet swell up and it’s painful to walk, after cancer surgery. LUNG surgery and I had quit for 8 years,from smoking Phil. I hate you as much as I hate cigarettes. Four times I posted this and four times I quit and 4 times I went back. Every morning first thing I lit that butt, inhaled deep, yum, and threw it lit into the cabinet, at the back.
Driving to work I watched everyone’s mouth . You! Pull over. Ripping it out of that woman’s mouth, deep into fantasy. I sat on the bus and watched all the smokers smoking.

Help the whole world smoked except for me.

Six patches, three on each arm, I hate you Philip Morris. OOO I’ll beat you. You’re tough but I’ll beat ya’.

Fay Thomson
Mail:PO Box 474 Milsons Point, NSW 1565
Phone:02 9957 5579