Excerpt from a Letter, Status up-Date or “What’s Up Doc?” a quote by Bugs Bunny

Who am I today? All of the Above?

Who am I today? All of the Above?

Nony posted this letter, an overdue response, on May2,2015

Good I really didn’t want you to think I had forgotten. My health, clutter, overload invaded my space and brain, I’m in a show in Germany in 12 days,ground spot #1 to broaden connections. I’m in a show at 401¬†Richmond at the cafe but it’s still in a world of “tangled arts”, ( looks great all my big paintings are there, this is where I want my work to go, pertaining to size, etc and intent. ¬†If you are downtown stop by there.

I am truly amazed at your ingenious world, creating and sharing. Now I haven’t picked the piece to send you as I’m sure your tastes are electic and Joel has picked me dry as he feels he is documenting me and the above circumstances, che mo has me shaking in my boots, ( a new song and dance).

Thank you for supporting my aspirations, inspirations and exhalations.


The Tough Work Here


He’s courageous, loyal and a real man. So if I need a little help, I’m covered.

Right Bif.
You bet Darlin’

Good to Have Friends on your Side

a href=”https://facetheheavens.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/bond-s-3-23-2015-10-31-008.jpg”&gt;bond s 3-23-2015 10-31-008</a
Good to Have Friends on your Side

The Jewish Vienna Biennial, Too Much Pain in the World

barbara mann

I’m Jewish . I’m an artist. I’m a person who feels for the world. Continue reading

Speaking out for the Unspoken

Speaking for the Unspoken is a commentary on the disenfranchised. Disenfranchised can be defined as a person who is stripped of their power. Each artist has returned power to their subjects by honoring them in their work. Then the disenfranchised began to look, different than expected.

Do I overpaint myself?

 If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.

If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.