Airport Confusion wiped free by a Gallery Excursion

Airport Confusion wiped free by a Gallery Excursion.


Speaking out for the Unspoken

Speaking for the Unspoken is a commentary on the disenfranchised. Disenfranchised can be defined as a person who is stripped of their power. Each artist has returned power to their subjects by honoring them in their work. Then the disenfranchised began to look, different than expected.

Do I overpaint myself?

 If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.

If I was a fish this is what I would look like saying thank you.


Art Show Remnants, a Gown for Every Occasion, A painting for Every Wall

Blogging U.

New post, new sign, she’s stressed, too much to do- happens all the time.
Now it’s photo play, but no way, can she delay, the other 58 blogs she’s intending
And sending out wedding invitations, didn’t Miss Albright mention in her dissertations,the millionaire’s clubs in 46 nations, light headed, a breathless, sensation

It’s all over, tomorrow is the last day, what can Red say, but Miss Albright You’ve got to relay, the fact that these bad boys must go away,and stay,
How long can you live with me, think how much fun to live in a teepee, or by the sea, your little brothers must hang free.
So hanger uppers take a peak, last day prices are very cheap, so many paintings I can’t sleep
thinking they will follow me to my grave.

Once a year,splurge,it’s  not too much to pay. It becomes like an old friend, have a great day. Buy one from an artist you adore, or abhor and that you can’t wait to give away.

I’m a singer. Hey I never wanted to be an artist. I’m a singer.

Some men are no Fun, original drawing 10x12 40$

Gainsborough or BGM Not bad, eh.   good., 50$ original pen and ink

The New Curator in a daze

Organize and Prioritize

did I even introduce myself? later,
I dazzle without thought, my smile could be a bit smirky but it dazzles with a spark, bespectacled … Who would ever conceive of the likes of me.
Thankfully the painter could carry the show,forty five years of starvation. Her hands leatherized and her lips weatherized, taunt between etched furrows from Mama Marlboro, oh yes, a smoker.

1. Show invitations -where are they, file goggle vs. explorer, like 2 whores bartering, bargaining on the street, shrieking on the street, streaking on the street
who can help me here? no, a good word, leave it.

a. an editor, where is this person?

b. a friend, who,

please come Show Up or Show Down

please come
Show Up or Show Down

where is she? Margaret.

c. the psychiatrist, I forgot I hate him, a bit strong, no, no, my mother would disapprove, shit she always comes up in my thoughts.

d. that psychologist, what a joke; he failed the listening test.


Dear God I worked on my blog all night and couldn’t get anything to post, my drawings , my new blog,101 here? I’ll forsake one room filled with money.

Gainsborough or Me?Not bad, eh. I didn't even know I could draw this good. oo thank you.

Gainsborough or Me?Not bad, eh. I didn’t even know I could draw this good. oo thank you.